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What we do

CareVault's secure and innovative software solutions allow patients, providers and plans to track and communicate the relevant information among themselves. We enable the information flow in the healthcare system.


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Our offerings

  • CareVault® Verify for automated patient information tracking and insurance eligibility verification in providers' offices and billing companies, with real-time information
  • CareVault® Manage for patients and their own families to track personal health histories, and securely share this information with their physicians

Benefits of using CareVault solutions

For Physician Offices, Hospitals and Billers: more revenues and improved interaction with insurance plans

  • Verify eligibility before the patient walks in the door
  • Collect accurate co-payments and deductibles Reduce errors and rework
  • Eliminate staff time wasted on the phone and fax

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For Patients and Families: better care management and secure communications with physicians

  • Track family medical histories electronically
  • Ensure all medications, vaccinations and treatments are up to date
  • Communicate securely and electronically with your physicians
  • Reduce paperwork and errors in tracking medical information

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