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Patients – CareVault Manage Personal Health Record (PHR)

CareVault Manage is an application for consumers to manage their families’ health records, transfer relevant information securely to their providers, and log all diagnosis and instructions from providers back into an easy to use and intuitive application. CareVault Manage replaces the various paper files and handwritten notes commonly associated with managing health information – securely and automatically.

Key Features

  • patients to define, update and reuse (for all family members)
    • Demographic data (Electronic Intake Forms  - EIF)
    • Medical history and current issues
    • Comprehensive insurance information
  • Safely and directly transfer key information to doctors by using
    • Private messaging network
    • Secure USB key
    • Encrypted e-mail
  • Securely get information back from doctors in digital form
    • Diagnosis overview (handouts)
    • Treatment recommendations
    • Tracking templates for specific conditions

Benefits of CareVault Manage for Patients and their families

  • Private, secure electronic health information and health history
  • Less paperwork, more time with physicians
  • Improved self-care
  • Lower out of pocket expenses
  • Fewer billing errors