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What is Unique

CareVault Verify is the simplest and fastest way to guarantee that you know what your patients' current health plan covers, what their co-payments are, how much they have accrued in year-to-date deductibles and much more. With CareVault Verify, you can:

  • Greater speed in collection from the insurance company - by submitting correct and complete the first time around
  • Less staff time spent calling individual companies, or logging on to multiple insurance company websites
  • Decreased risk of revenues loss due to uncovered patients
  • Understand which patients need to pre-pay for coverage, and how much
  • Simple monthly subscription, no long term contracts - you can verify patients as many times as required. And installation is simple, and you don't have to buy any complex software!


  • Verify coverage and eligibility with one click, securely and automatically
  • Check eligibility for one patient at a time, or a batch of patients (for example, tomorrow's patient list) all at once across varied insurance companies without needing to pre-sort
  • Stores patient provided and plan response information for future printing and filing with patient record
  • Export eligibility data into other systems
  • Imports batch lists from other systems (e.g. PMS, EMR)
  • Create reports of all verifications and their status
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